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Entry #2

thx everyone =)

2009-05-23 03:55:41 by Grebz

yeh i just wana say thx to everyone who watch, rates and leaves comments on my music traxx that i create on music generator 3, if u have the game or have played this game u will have noticed its a hard game to master and make good traxx with, i like creating my music on it tho, i like a challenge, i want the other games badly tho like music 2000 cos ive heard its so much better than mg3, but this one will do for now, ive had it like 5 years now and created hundreds on traxx with it, im on my 19th tape at the moment, and it would be good to create another 19 tapes b4 i move onto music 2000 or even fruity loops on the pc

anyway thx everyone for watching my traxx and enjoy =)

thx everyone =)


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