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HELLO EVERYONE, first post, woooooooo

2009-04-15 00:29:16 by Grebz

hey peeps i dont know wot to write in here so ill just say hello and visit my youtube channels, below are the links, and if u go on the soundclick link below u can watch or download the proper HQ video, so plz tell me if u like my music (or not) cos i want feed back and i want my music to get noticed by everyone, i like making music but i only have one way of making it at the moment and ive been using this music generator 3 for about 4 years i think, ive made 1000s of tracks and ive made 19 tapes so far but ive only just started to upload them now, i wont be uploading none of my old songs just the new stuff i create so yeh thats all from me now and enjoy my music :D

main youtube channel- 1983gerbil

second youtube channel- WiganPierChoons2009

third youtube channel - BlackoutCrewChoons

my website- grebzstuff

soundclick page- my music

so yeh plz dont be harsh with ur votes an comments just be honest, thx!!

HELLO EVERYONE, first post, woooooooo


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